5 Tough Upholstery Stains That Require Expert Removal

Sep 23, 2022

We splurge a ton of money on that beautiful and comfortable upholstery that becomes the highlight of our living room. No matter what coloured upholstery you get to decorate your place, eventually, it will get dirty. While through a daily vacuuming schedule you can keep your upholstery clean and devoid of dust settlement. But the challenge lies when you have to keep the upholstery perfectly spot-free and clean. While it is easier to hide water spillage and you can even take steps to remove the appearance of a watermark on your lighter-coloured upholstery. But certain stains are a little too stubborn to clean at home, to clean these stains comprehensively you need the help of a professional upholstery cleaning agency in Ballsbridge. But what are these stains?

Red Wine:

This is one of the most common stains for which many upholstery cleaning agencies are called upon, especially after Christmas in Ballsbridge. Drunk accidents or happy accidents happen all the time. But to deal with the massacre post-accident is where you need help. One thing that you can do before ushering to call an upholstery cleaning service in Ballsbridge is dab away the excess liquid from penetrating the foam of upholstery. 


Any fabric of the upholstery that has been once discoloured by this kind of stain, whether it be mechanical grease or grease from greasy food, requires prompt attention from a professional upholstery cleaning service in Ballsbridge. Grease stains cannot be removed using the same procedure as liquid stains, which can be removed with a paper towel. As it would muddle the current stress and make things worse. Because grease doesn't dry off quickly, if you see a grease stain on your upholstery, call an upholstery cleaning service and remain away from the area until they come.

Ink/Paint/Nail Polish Stain:

While paint stains are easy to wash off from other fabric by simply putting them in the washing machine, the same can’t be done with upholstery. If you have notorious children, such accidents do occur more often than you may think. Depending upon the intensity and the synthetic colour, it may take more comprehensive treatment from an upholstery cleaning agency in Ballsbridge to completely get rid of the colour and its undertones. 


Bloodstain on the upholstery doesn't automatically mean there was a homicide. However, it's a possibility, and we're keeping an eye on you. Humour apart. Assuming that there is no such crime and that there is no evidence of evidence tampering, here are some options for you. First and foremost, it's crucial to realise that diverse bio-chemicals make up blood. So, unlike how it may appear in movies, it is not easy to scrub off the blood. You should also be aware that blood dries more quickly when it comes into touch with air as it contains plasma and platelets which helps to clot blood. This is why, if there’s a substantial stain of blood on your upholstery, it is suggested to dilute the blood with water to reduce damage before you call in for help to start the removal process from an upholstery cleaning service in Ballsbridge. 


No matter how much you try to stay clear of spilling beverages on your upholstery, it will happen. And most likely, it will happen on the worst possible day of your life just to ruin your mood a little more. If you have lighter-coloured upholstery, you must act fast as coffee stains dry quickly and are quite difficult to clean up. This is why you have to be quick on your feet. You can dab away the excess with help of a paper towel, while you call for an upholstery cleaning service quickly. Once the stain dries up or ages the stubborn stain becomes even tougher to get rid of.

These are some of the most typical yet difficult stains that a Ballsbridge upholstery cleaning company may encounter frequently. These stains may become even more difficult to remove if they get dried. Any upholstery cleaning service will advise you to call us as soon as you notice the stain for this reason. Additionally, the kind of stain and upholstery cleaning service also studies the washing instructions written on tags to get a sense of what cleaning technique should be used to get rid of the stain without damaging the fabric's integrity.

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