Why Do the Carpet Color Changes and How Carpet Cleaners Can Help?

May 14, 2022

In a commercial space, a carpet is said to heighten the aesthetic appeal by contributing to the overall lookout. In fact, the clients, vendors, and visitors praise the laid down clean carpets. But every furnishings need routine care to retain health and looks, the carpets even need the same.

Commercial carpets begin to fade and start losing out their charm. The discolouration is the chief cause of taking away the carpets' shine. So, the business owners and management depend on the commercial carpet cleaning services to maintain the carpets impeccably.

A list of factors adds to carpet discolourations. The carpets thus should be cleaned by a commercial carpet cleaning team – they know the whereabouts of protecting the delicate carpet fabrics. Analyzing the potential causes causing carpet discolouration, the experts bring up the proven treatment for the carpets to always win as an attractive centrepiece.

Besides, if you are wondering how and why the carpet laid at your business centre is losing colour, then read the details. Moreover, environmental factors like dirt, pollutants and artificial circumstances are the reasons behind carpet discolouration. Nevertheless, two primary causes of carpet discolouration include –

1. Fading Because of Fumes
Gaseous pollutants like sulphur and nitrogen oxide in high amounts in the air reacting on being combined with prolonged exposure to sunlight and humidity results in chemical reactions. The outcome is the carpets gradually start changing colour from blue to pink, or from brown to red. A carpet receiving excessive sunlight will also undergo dye bleeding due to humidity – the result is the carpet begins to fade sooner.

2. Fading Because of Ozone
 Car emissions and fluorescent lights as found in the urban areas are responsible for ozone fading. Added to it, heat and excessive humidity accelerate ozone fading, which ends with affecting carpet dye. Fibres subjected to ozone fading could lighten or become grey. Hence, hiring commercial carpet cleaners for diagnosing the real causes leading to carpet discolouration pays off, as they devise specialized treatments for saving carpets.

There are even artificial factors leading to discolouration. What are they?  

I. Greying
Regular soiling and abrasion caused because of walking cause greying. The carpets placed in the high-traffic areas largely turn grey. Mat installation in the high traffic areas is a preventive measure. But the safest solution to prevent the carpets from greying is hiring a commercial carpet cleaning team on a monthly basis, if not weekly, in case, the carpets cannot be removed from the areas. To combat greying, professional carpet cleaners take up regular vacuuming.

II. Bleaching
Delicate as the carpet fabrics are, they demand specialized treatment. Carpet colour changing due to fertiliser spills and highly reactive chemicals also attains an unpleasant smell due to active bleaching agents. So, cleaning the carpets to exterminate the bleaching is a necessity. To restore freshness, the commercial carpet cleaning experts abide by proven techniques and get rid of the odour from the carpets. Bleaching is rather, the potential cause leading to carpet discolouration that can be fixed only by commercial carpet cleaners.

III. Staining
Stains on the carpets will become permanent if the hard stains or coffee, drink or juice spills are allowed to retain on the carpets. Settling over time, stains and spills get absorbed into the fabrics, thereby causing changed carpet colour.  Due to coffee, drinks or spills stains, your carpet fibres will turn from brown to red. So, hiring professional carpet cleaners is a necessity for removing the carpet stains right away when the spills have occurred.

Commercial carpet cleaning requires professional expertise and in-depth skills, hence the task should be handled only by the commercial carpet cleaners. Whether you have to deal with flood-damaged carpets, faded carpets or carpets with musty odours, then make sure to hire the best commercial cleaning service team for their proven solutions. As experts, they apply advanced carpet cleaning techniques and treatments for safely and efficiently eradicating carpet chores.

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